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Home Energy Audit completed by a Home inspection Professional

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Home Energy Audit completed by a Home inspection Professional

Home Energy Audit completed by a Home inspection Professional

Consider hiring a Professional Home Inspection Company and get a grip on your monthly energy costs.

Included in your home inspection may be basic home energy audits like checking for door and window trim insulation the rubber gaskets that help closed doors and windows maintain a tight seal. There are a lot of little things to look for as well.

Any access to the interior of a home such as a cable TV wire going from outside to inside should be properly caulked and or sealed. Dryer vents should have the proper weather seals also.

Depending on the services offered by the Home Inspection Company you choose you may want to consider a complete Home Energy Audit.

If you are purchasing a home an energy audit can give you a great picture of your fixed monthly heating and cooling costs depending on which season you are dealing with.

If you are an existing homeowner and feel your energy costs are too high an energy audit can identify gaps in your homes insulation and help you focus on the areas that need to be addressed.

Here is a short list of some but maybe not all of the areas to be inspected.

  •         Faulty Windows which allow air to escape resulting in your air conditioning working harder to compensate.
  •         Inefficient Appliances which either use more energy than necessary or act as ‘vampire appliances’ which use standby power when not in use.
  •         Weak insulation, failing to regulate temperature properly and necessitating more heating and cooling from your A/C unit.
  •         Poor light bulbs that use too much power and can be replaced with more efficient options.
  •         Leaky fixtures, leading to excessive hot water usage.


The Benefits

Getting an energy report for your future home is crucial to ensuring that you are getting a good deal and allows you a decent understanding of the possible energy bills you may face. Before you move in, you should always trust EDC Professional Home Inspections to provide your home with the necessary and thorough inspections required to catch any potential issues with your new home. For more information on our Master Inspector certified services


In our area of the country where Inspections Plus is located, we have a lot of variation in the weather. From frigid winters to hot and humid summers, in Minnesota we get it all. Making sure a home is as energy efficient as possible can make the difference in thousands of dollars per year in savings.

If you are looking for a Home Inspection Company that has the tools and experience to do a complete energy audit at a fair price contact. Inspections Plus today. We service the entire Twin Cities, Minneapolis Saint Paul and all surrounding suburbs.

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