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What is inspected during a home inspection?

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What is inspected during a home inspection?

What is inspected during a home inspection?


Complete inspections of new and used homes


Structural Components

Exterior – This is a thorough inspection of the outside of a home. This would include windows doors and seams, any extruded items like hose spigots and laundry venting. All of these items need to be properly sealed and protected from water ice or moisture intrusion.


Roofing – Inspection should include proper installation if any recently of flashing, roofing materials. Also checking to see if there is wear from aging materials and proper caulking of seals around any chimney’s or venting materials.


Plumbing – This inspection is pretty detailed. Plumbing inspection items include proper drainage of all sinks and tubs any obvious leaking of faucets and under cabinet plumbing connections. Complete inspection of dishwashers, ice maker connection, sinks, tubs, toilets, water heaters, and any other plumbing related item inside and outside of the home.


Electrical – Noninvasive inspection that looks for loose sockets warm outlets that may mean bad wiring. Making certain GFCI outlets are in the correct places checking for any signs of previous shorting etc.


Heating Systems – Inspecting heating and cooling systems will happen simultaneously as they are typically interconnected. This is an inspection of the furnace heat exchanger etc. Inspect vents to make sure all ductwork and fresh air intakes are properly connected. Visually inspecting the most up to date electronic thermostats as well as other heating and cooling components?


Interiors – This may include testing for Mold, Radon or lead paint as well as proper stairway handles and proper pacing of stairs and bannister spindles.


Insulation – Proper attic and wall insulation is essential. A visual inspection in the attic can give an inspector a good idea of how much attic insulation there is currently. Is there is a need for more insulation or if it’s advantageous to change the type of insulation all together?


Typically a home inspection is a non-invasive procedure, however if there is some item that may be suspect a home inspector may utilize tools such as plumbing snake cameras or heat sensor guns to see what may be hidden beneath the surface.


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