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New Home Inspections Before You Purchase

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New Home Inspections Before You Purchase

Your house is the most important purchase and investment you can make. You and your family live there, so if it isn’t up to your standards or doesn’t meet your needs life can be miserable. In some cases laws may apply that protect you from making a bad purchase, but just as important is the idea you protect yourself. It’s simpler and more effective to have the house inspected privately before your purchase than to deal with problems later be it with the home or the seller.

Permits and Building Code Inspections

Permits are obtained to assure the integrity of the building plans and ongoing building code inspections assure the plans are followed. However, these types of inspections are only to review the building’s structural integrity and safety within the neighborhood. To some extent the code inspection provides an idea as to the home’s value, but that is not the primary purpose. The building code inspector represents the interests of the community at large, the privately hired building inspector addresses your concerns and inspects the house for issues that will make you regret your purchase.


Appraisals are similar to building code inspections in the sense they evaluate the property and its worth, but again, the main purpose is not to serve your personal interests. The appraisal gives you an idea of the home’s value which you can use to determine the amount of your counter offer and during the following negotiations, but the appraisal is not conducted to determine specific problems you may encounter after moving in. Although the appraisal is important and must be conducted, it does not replace an inspection conducted independently by someone hired to represent your interests.

Private Inspections

You probably understand the importance of a private inspection when buying an older home, but it is equally important with a new home. Because most contractors are dependable and trustworthy, the private inspection rarely finds an actual problem, but on that occasion you’ll find the inspection to have been invaluable. A professional inspector working on behalf of your interests may find hidden problems or determine the integrity of the home. The opinion of an expert who is unbiased can give you the ease of mind to know you’re making a wise decision toward buying a home you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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