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What is the best product to remove mold

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What is the best product to remove mold

When you find mold in your home there are a few different ways to deal with it. It really depends on the severity of the problem.


It may depend on whether you have total mold infestation which may mean tearing out carpet and sheetrock or just some spots of mold on a brick wall tile floor or shower stall.


Mold comes in a lot of shapes and severities, some cases can be dealt with by a homeowner some cases are going to call for a professional mold remediation specialist.


What is a mold remediation specialist?


Mold remediation specialists typically deal with the containment and removal of all types of mold. Mold remediation begins with an eyeball investigation that takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on where the problem is hiding—in plain sight or behind walls. If cleanup is a simple DIY project, the consultant will advise you about procedures, protective equipment, and tools. He should also tell you where/what moisture problem gave birth to the spores. 


What products get rid of mold?


Bleach has been known to do a pretty good job on a lot of mold issues. It is dangerous to use in enclosed places or places near an open flame like a furnace room or near a gas fireplace. When using bleach always take precautions to ventilate properly and dilute bleach at least a 50-50 solution with water.


Borax can also be a good product to deal with mold.


Borax offers several advantages over bleach for cleaning mold.  The first is that it simply works better.  On top of that, Borax is also lower in toxicity, better for the environment, and does not emit toxic gasses.  It’s an all-around safer product.  Next time you need to clean mold, leave the bleach in the laundry room and get some Borax.  There are Borax based cleaners, but you can simply mix the powder with water for a more cost-effective solution. One cup of Borax powder to a gallon of water is a good ratio for killing mold.


Mold can be very hazardous and should be taken seriously. If it seems like it has infiltrated your home and it seems like it may be too much for you to handle call a professional.


There are tests that a professional home inspector can perform to determine if you have a mold issue. Some are simple air moisture tests some are more intense tests where an inspector can actually see behind sheet rock or wood work, even under carpet. These tests require equipment that can be expensive and not accessible for the average homeowner.


In Minneapolis Saint Paul the best company for mold testing is Inspections Plus. With over 25 years in the construction industry Inspections Plus has the experience to determine the severity of mold issues in your home. Call Inspections Plus today.


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