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Schedule a Mold Inspection Now to Maintain Good Health This Winter

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Schedule a Mold Inspection Now to Maintain Good Health This Winter

With the winter season baring down on the Minneapolis area, you and your family are probably spending more time indoors. The beginning of the school year, too, means that families spend a greater amount of time inside completing homework and other school-related projects. As the holidays approach, you will be inside eating, watching the big game and otherwise celebrating time with your immediate and extended family, as well as your friends. 

Cooler Weather = More Illnesses

The cooling temperatures and additional time indoors have historically ushered in higher incidences of illnesses during the winter months. Whether this due to the fact that people typically are less active and have a reduced exposure to the sun, which then lower their immune systems, or they are getting sick because of their close proximity to those who are already ill, is difficult to say. Often, there are few things that you can do to protect yourself in the above circumstances. 

Mold: The Hidden Toxin

Because of the increase in time spent inside, you might also notice an uptick in nasal discharge, allergies, congestion and other respiratory problems. Your first inclination might be to blame germs from coworkers or your kids' classmates for producing those symptoms. If you notice any musty smells, you have leaking pipes or standing water, it could actually be mold and its far-reaching spores that are the culprits. In some cases, though you might not know where the source of the mold is. 

A Mold Inspection is a Good Investment in Your Health

If you notice an increase in sickness this season, consider calling in the experts. Professional mold inspectors offer a comprehensive service that can root out the cause of any excess moisture in your home. Knowing this information is the first step in being able to protect your family's health this winter. 

The gurus at Inspections Plus, is an InterNACHI certified company that provides a range of home services that are designed to keep you and your home safe and healthy. Offering mold testing, home inspections, radon testing and more, Todd and Tyler have more than 20 years of experience serving the homeowners of Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Give them a call today and discover how they can help you protect your health this winter. 

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