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Leaky Basement Home Inspections

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Leaky Basement Home Inspections

Water intrusion into your home is a pain in the neck. Musty damp smelling carpet is nobody’s favorite smell.

Home Inspection Services Companies see this every day. Homeowners will call with a water issue and it is up to the home inspection team to come up with a solution. Whether or not those suggestions are followed is another story.

As a professional home inspector we see this every day. In our area in the upper Midwest we typically get a lot of rain in the spring months from March to June. This constant soaking saturates the ground and even the best drain tile and sump pump system can have a hard time keeping up.

We have identified two main sources for water intrusion in most cases this can be remedied with a few simple changes. These changes may take a little effort but in the long run will be well worth it.

First off a professional home inspector is going to do a complete assessment of your situation. They should be looking at everything from the slope of your landscaping next your home t o the size of the pump in your catch basin.



If you visually see the ground is flat or maybe even graded in toward your foundation due to excessive erosion over the years that can be a major contributor. The grade should start higher and slant down and away from your foundation. This draws water away from the home and directs it to a less dangerous area.



If you have dirty gutters full of debris this can disrupt the flow of water into the downspouts thus backing up the system that is designed to move water away from your home. A home inspection company can do a visual inspection to check for effective drainage in this area. Clean gutters that have been installed correctly can be a major contributing factor in maintaining water redirection.


Sump Pump

Most water issues are due to these two factors. One other area a knowledgeable home inspection company will look at is the size of the pump in your homes drain tile or sump pump system. If you have an undersized pump this may not be enough to keep up with water flow into your homes foundation leading to yes you guessed it, water intrusion.


If your home suffers from small leaks or big water problems one call to a qualified home inspection company can start you on your way to eliminating this annual headache.


In the Twin Cities St Paul Minneapolis area contact Inspections Plus Guru experienced licensed home inspection company that can analyze your problems and design a water intrusion solution.

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