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Energy Audits Performed by Home Inspectors

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Energy Audits Performed by Home Inspectors

A home energy audit by a professional home inspection company

Winter is on the waning front and summer is soon to be here. Are you and your home ready to weather another season of extreme heat and humidity meaning warmer temperatures and skyrocketing utility bills? You can take a proactive first step to improving the comfort levels of your home while also saving money if you have an energy audit performed. Here are four reasons for doing so now. 


1. Lower your energy consumption

The purpose of an energy audit is to ferret out those areas where your home is not as energy efficient as it should be. If you have gaps between your windows and their frames where heat or cooled air can escape, for example, you will likely adjust your thermostat to accommodate this. An energy audit will note these instances as well as provide suggestions on how to address them. 


2. Reduce costs

Once you take measures to address the shortcomings noted in your home, you'll use less energy. With a reduction in the amount of energy you consume, your costs for household utilities will naturally fall as well. These savings will add up over the years as well. 


3. Provide information on the condition of your home's systems

You count on your heating, cooling, plumbing and other systems to run smoothly so that you can be comfortable and live a satisfying life. Learning about the health of those systems now -- before they malfunction -- offers you the opportunity to plan accordingly. You can plan to replace aging systems before they break down. 


4. Information about the safety and health of your home

The systems within your home all work together to improve your life. Knowing how healthy each of these systems is making the inside of your home provides valuable insight about their effects on you and your family. For example, the indoor air quality of your home is valuable. Many people hardly think about this aspect of their home unless there is a problem. Nip any potential problems when they are in their infancy stages. Your wallet and your health will thank you. 


Inspections Plus offers an array of different inspections that are designed to make your life better. Their energy audits provide valuable information that homeowners can use to save money, improve their home and increase their comfort levels -- all year long. Contact them today to learn more. 

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