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Home Inspection Maintenance Tips

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Home Inspection Maintenance Tips

We see a lot of things on home inspections, and many bigger issues can be prevented with maintenance. Below are 3 things that you should consider to help you avoid having issues with your home later down the road. 

Roof Replacement

This may seem like a big job, and not maintenance. But when it comes down to it, it is done regularly to protect your home, so it is maintenance. Changing the roof of your home could be a huge investment, however, one, which is vital to maintaining the value of the home and prevent issues such as leaks. The lifespan of your roof lies on the materials utilized. Expect some roofs like asphalt shingle roof to last for around 15 years or 50 years (depending on the brand). Tile and metal, which is more durable, could last for more than 50 years when maintained properly. For you to maintain the roof properly, ensure to check for clogged gutters and loose shingles that can lead to eventual damage and pooling water. 

Protecting your Home Wood Destroying Insects

You are likely aware that termites and other wood destroying insects are one of the worst enemies for wooden structures. A lot of homeowners wait until the damage is already done by them, choosing to deal with the issue as an alternative of taking essential steps to avoid the infestation before it occurs. Make your life easier – save money and time in the long run through working along with a pest professional to have your house treated for WDI prevention on a yearly basis. This could help your home stay structurally sound and keep its value for many years to come.

Clean Regularly 

Countless homeowners maintain deep cleaning for the days leading up to the home inspection or before an open house. Nevertheless, this could denote that you have a huge amount of work to do. To make your life a little bit easier, make it a priority to clean your home on a regular basis. Not only will a clean and good-looking home offer you a higher value, but it will also age better over the time. Proper cleaning of the exterior siding and other components adds a surprising amount of life to the building.


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