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The Differences between New and Old Home Inspections

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The Differences between New and Old Home Inspections

Everybody knows the importance of a home inspection before making the purchase. Especially with older homes, it helps provide information toward the value before placing a bid. With newer homes you may not think an inspection is so important, because it passed code inspection. Nothing can be further from the truth. Code inspection is different from what a private inspector does to inform you before actually buying the home in question.

General Inspection Topics

Pre-purchase inspections are similar to code inspections in some ways. Both verify the structural stability of the home and assure it is safe not only for healthy adults but for elderly people and children to live in. The code inspection ends at that point but the private inspection delves further into the value of the house to assure it will be worth the asking price. The building code inspection is just that: it only assures the building is up to minimal structural standards. The private inspector you hire works in your interest to assure the integrity of your investment in the house.

New Home Inspections

A new home typically includes a warranty and most reputable contractors will honor the warranty should a problem arise. Unfortunately, there are a few contractors who may be unable to follow through with warranty work. In some cases, the contractor may go out of business after your purchase, in other cases he may not have a large enough business to have employees who can be spared from the current project to conduct warranty work on what he considers a finished job. Either way, it’s much simpler to find potential problems and have them corrected before buying the house, or at least adjust the price to accommodate hiring a different contractor to finish the job and bring the home up to your standards.

Old Home Inspections

Inspections when buying an older home are just as important for different reasons. You may be getting a great price on a beautiful home with gorgeous architectural detail, and you likely assume there are going to be some ongoing projects to bring the house up the standards your family holds for a dwelling. The home inspection provides insight as to what you can expect so you can foresee what to expect and plan for, allowing you to budget your finances as you go about fixing the home.

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