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Is Mold Growing In Your House?

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Is Mold Growing In Your House?

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Whether it’s some small mold on a shower curtain or a large infestation under carpeting or behind walls mold is a hot topic for families that live in areas of the country with higher humidity’s and moisture contents.


What are the signs of mold infestation?

Often, the first sign of a mold problem is a "musty" odor inside the home. There could also be water staining on the wall or foundation wall, possibly the carpeting could begin showing some staining, or the flooring may even be buckling and showing signs of abnormal breakdown. Molds can be found almost anywhere; as there are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, tile, sheetrock, insulation, leather, fabrics, and even foods.


If there is no visible mold or smell of mold, does that mean that there is no mold growing in this house?


When it comes to leaking pipes, leaks in the roofing, or leaks and absorption of moisture anywhere in the home, the moisture invading the home will sometimes travel great distances before settling, and that can very easily turn out to be behind a wall, between flooring members, and various other locations not immediately visible to the naked eye. Being that the molds outside any home are constantly releasing spores of mold into the air, it naturally does sometimes end up entering the home, but usually without permanent results. However, when a water source is found, one or more of the spores floating in the air can very easily find its way to the moisture spot, land on that moisture spot, and naturally it already has the air and the food necessary to start growing. Repair and cleanup is the most important factor following a leak, as the timeline for mold is normally 12 to 48 hours following a leak, and then the mold normally begins to colonize in 1 to 12 days.   


In the early stages of mold growth, especially if encapsulated behind the walls or beneath the flooring, it may not show itself in the beginning, or may not have developed a strong enough odor to become identifiable in its early stages without proper testing. But as mold grows, it usually is releasing spores into the air already. And over time, it could begin making you or a family member sick. It can also become destructive to the building materials of the home as well as cause foundation damage in some cases, and can also become a cosmetic eyesore to the home.


 So no, Mold is not always readily identifiable, especially in its early stages of growth. But if the home has loose roofing shingles or flashings, negative drainage issues at the exterior of the home, current or past plumbing leakage, or if there are high humidity levels within the home, these are all conditions conducive to the possibility of mold growing within the home, and it may be a good idea to have the home inspected/tested for mold, especially if it can be caught in its early stages, and before it has the chance to become a bigger problem. or before it has a chance to become Your Problem!

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