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Ongoing Home Inspections

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Ongoing Home Inspections

Every homeowner understands the importance of an inspection before purchase as it protects your investment and warns of any potential problems and future expenses. You should be aware inspections don’t end at the time of purchase. Ongoing inspections find potential problems before they become expensive repairs while maintaining the home as a safe place for you and your family to live.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring gas in the water table, soil, and rock under your home. As the house settles, it disturbs the natural balance of the earth and releases the gas. This is a naturally occurring process and no cause for alarm, until the gas comes through your foundation and into the home. Once the gas is inside your home it can cause ongoing health issues in an otherwise healthy adult, and can be especially dangerous for children and the elderly.

Mold Inspections

Mold can also be especially dangerous for children and the elderly while antagonizing symptoms of people with asthma and in the worst cases, bringing health issues to anyone who was considered healthy before exposure. Essentially, mold forms from moisture in the home, in the attic, the basement or inside the walls. Once mold to grow begins it’s nearly impossible to completely remove without an expensive process of gutting the house to replace framing and drywall. Mold inspections find moisture, identify the source, and provide a repair process to prevent it from getting to the point at which repairs are nearly the cost of the home’s value.

Energy Audit

Energy audits are a way to save money on bills by finding where your money for electricity is actually going. A window or door that isn’t properly sealed allows your heat and air conditioning out of the house, driving up your bills as you replace the lost temperatures. An old stove or refrigerator may be so out of date that a newer energy efficient one would pay for itself in a short time period, or an out of date heating system may be using more energy than it should. The energy audit allows you to find and correct these problems before you’ve unnecessarily wasted money of the course of years of waste.

Inspections are valuable because they find problems before they are a problem. Ongoing inspections are an important part of home ownership and protect the most valuable investment you’ll ever make, the home where you live and the health of your family.

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