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Property Inspections, Commercial properties

Commercial Building Inspections 


If you own a commercial building you have a lot of responsibility for the health and safety of the workers that utilize that building on a daily basis. We have all heard stories of employees coming down with respiratory illnesses or other types of conditions due to “sick buildings”. When you leave your home in the morning to go to work the last thing you think about is going into an environment that could possibly be hazardous to your health.


There are many components in a commercial building that are similar to the components in your home. Walls are typically painted, floors typically utilize a carpeted tile or wood surface, ventilation is typically provided by closed HVAC systems etc. Any of these systems if not installed or maintained properly can cause issues for the health of the daily users of that building.


For the most part going to work and spending many years in the same building will have zero effect on your health. However depending on several factors a workplace environment can have an effect over time. These potential issues can be spotted early with periodic inspections by a professional building inspection companies. Troubleshooting and catching a building health issue early can save everyone a lot of time and hassle down the road.


Commercial Paints in Commercial Buildings.

Some people just have an issue with the smell and vapors from certain paints. There are typically 2 major types of paints, oil based Paints and Latex Based Paints. Latex paints have been modified over the years to utilize Low Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds are what is responsible for the smell. In modern latex paints these are modified and there is less time the paint has to throw off uncomfortable odors or vapors.


Oil Based Paints

Although used a lot less often these days oil based paints are stronger smelling and the odors and vapors can linger for a lot longer period. Oil based paints are typically used on Steel surfaces like handrails and metal door frames, and more industrial parts of a building.


Flooring Surfaces

All flooring surfaces are manufactured with health issues in mind carpets used to have a nasty chemical that would linger for a long period of time. These chemical compounds have been removed and the odor exposure is reduced considerably. In flooring these days it’s really all about the adhesives that are used to secure the flooring. Sometimes due to the type of materials used toxic adhesives may still be used.


HVAC Systems

Heating and ventilation systems are responsible for exchanging air in a building. Removing bad air and supplying healthy air. Removing heat and supplying cool air or thru filters removing unhealthy particles. Properly operating HVAC Systems can help your building stay healthy, on the other hand HVAC systems that are not operating properly can create more problems for the health of your buildings tenants.


If you suspect your building has issues contact Inspections Plus Guru. Minneapolis Commercial Building Inspection Company. Inspections Plus Guru Top to bottom assessment of your buildings health status.



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