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Home Inspections on new construction?

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Home Inspections on new construction?

New homes are typically overseen during construction by local building inspectors.


Local code enforcement officers maintain the integrity of construction projects keeping contractors honest.


Having your contractor meet the local codes minimum requirements is comforting but there are still many things that can go wrong. Having new construction inspected independently may help uncover some costly building errors.


As professional home inspectors we have been involved in a number of new-home warranty cases, many of which could have been avoided had the buyer been given the right to inspect the new home as it was being built. In one case, the homeowner kept hearing pipes knocking every time the upstairs bathroom sink was turned on. The homeowner forced the developer to open up the walls, at the developer's expense, and found that some of the plumbing pipes were not properly affixed to the wall. The building inspector that the homeowner retained after the house had been completed determined that this was so-called water hammer.


Don’t skip inspections on new construction. Just because something’s new doesn’t mean it’s flawless.


When Should the Inspection Be Completed?


We recommend that the home inspection be performed within 30 days of taking possession. This approach has the advantage of catching issues early, and having them corrected promptly.


Additionally or alternatively, the inspection can be done when the house is 10 or 11 months old. The house will have settled in and lived through almost 4 seasons. Many parts of the new home warranty expire after 12 months, so it makes sense to do the inspection prior to the first anniversary.


Some people have the inspection performed during the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). We prefer to leave this event to the builder, allowing the buyer to focus on the builder’s message during this process.


Any issues not identified during the Pre-Delivery Inspection process can be picked up within 30 days. The only minor exceptions include scratches, dents and other mechanical damage that may have been caused by the buyer after the Pre-Delivery Inspection. We recommend that the buyer document (and perhaps photograph) these types of issues during the Pre-Delivery Inspection to avoid discussion later about who caused the damage.


Home Inspection areas that should be covered literally start at the top, The Roof and work all the way down to the foundation and should include issues like the landscaping, (for drainage issues) or trees that may be planted too close to the foundation causing root invasion issues down the road.


If you are purchasing a new home and you would feel more comfortable before closing by having an experienced home inspector go thru these systems in Minneapolis contact Inspections Plus Guru, professional experienced licensed Home Inspection Company.


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