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Moist and moldy basement home inspections

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Moist and moldy basement home inspections

It is fall in MN and we just had an unbelievable amount of rain and now the calls are coming in for foundation and drainage inspections. It is a common problem in Minnesota and WI. This year it seems to be worse than ever.


In the last week I have been to many suburbs of the Twin Cities to evaluate and trouble shoot water problems and mold.


Most basement water events are related to water pressure directly around the building. When the ground can’t hold any more water than basement dampness can happen to anyone and there is not much that can be done short of an upgraded sump pump, If your home doesn’t already have a drain tile or sump system. (cost $6000-8000).


The Answer Is Usually Inexpensive

Fortunately complete soil saturation events are not so common. Nine times out of ten water that gets into the basement used to be on the roof it’s physics really if it starts on the roof it will end up in the yard.


Most people with basement water problems can improve their chances significantly by doing the following 3 things:


1) Clean your gutters- Every home I have visited recently with a water problem has had clogged gutters and every owner said they were clean.


2) Extend your downspouts- We recommend extending downspouts away from the house at least 6 feet to insure water runs out of the back fill area and onto dense soil.


3) Have a positive grade near the house- Almost every home we inspect needs some measure of grade improvement near the foundation. We recommend a 1 inch per foot grade slope away from the house extending out at least 6 feet using a heavy clay type soil. Cost to re-grade an entire house is usually less than $1000.


While there are never any guarantees to a dry basement, do these three inexpensive steps and water problems are likely to become a thing of the past.


If your basement experiences water moisture or mold issues it may be time to have an inspection completed that can not only identify the issues but offer up solutions. Inspections Plus does not perform construction services but we do help homeowners identify trouble areas and offer some simple solutions.


Contact Inspections Plus for a moisture or mold inspection today. Serving the home inspection needs of residential and commercial building owners in the Minneapolis Saint Paul and surrounding suburbs.


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