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Ridding your home of unwanted pollutants

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Ridding your home of unwanted pollutants

How to remove indoor air pollution from your home.


The good news is, today’s tightly-sealed houses are more energy efficient than ever and provide more consistent temperature control. Now for the bad news, indoor air pollutants accumulating in that enclosed indoor environment pose a threat to both comfort and health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air inside the average home contains three to five times as many contaminants as outside air.


Proactive measures to reduce indoor air pollutants are an important part of creating a healthy home environment. Here are three ways to remove indoor pollutants.


Filter Effectively

Because the entire air volume within your house circulates through your HVAC system multiple times daily, the system air filter is critical to healthy indoor air quality. Instead of cheap fiberglass filters, purchase quality cotton or polyester pleated filters with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) between 8 and 11 to effectively capture microscopic particulates. Then, change the filter every month. It’s an easy DIY task that only takes a few minutes. If you don’t know how, a local HVAC contractor can show you.


Dilute Fumes

Chemical fumes such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds are often gradually released by building materials, paints and solvents. Inside a tightly-sealed house, trace amounts may accumulate to levels that present health concerns. Because standard filtration doesn’t capture fumes, dilution with fresh air is the best remedy. Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) units provide balanced ventilation by continuously exhausting stale polluted air while simultaneously distributing an equal volume of fresh, filtered outdoor air into all rooms. In summer, a heat exchanger incorporated in the HRV removes heat from the intake stream to preserve the cool air-conditioned indoor environment.


Eliminate Mold

Toxic airborne spores released by mold are a known trigger of allergic reactions and chronic illness. In a contaminated home, occupants get a concentrated dose with every breath. Mold removal is not a do-it-yourself process. Professional mold remediation services employ air sampling to identify the type and extent of contamination, then track down sources and utilize specially formulated fungicides to permanently neutralize it. Follow-ups are usually required to sample air and verify that decontamination is achieved.


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