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Pre Listing Home Inspections in the Minneapolis Saint Paul area

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Pre Listing Home Inspections in the Minneapolis Saint Paul area


Minneapolis Saint Paul Pre listing home inspections

Getting your home inspected before you list it for sale can streamline the sales process and help you avoid any unexpected surprises. What most sellers don’t realize is the home inspection is the place where more sales fall apart than any other. A pre-listing home inspection will allow you to get a clear picture about the state of your house – including any problems that may derail a sale.


To avoid the unpleasant surprises a home inspection may bring to light, homeowners looking to put their house on the market can opt for a pre-listing home inspection, which provides sellers with a thorough report before the home goes on the market. Sellers have the opportunity to make necessary repairs before potential buyers start touring the property and to avoid a deal that falls through due to structural or maintenance problems that could lead to other potential buyers steering clear of a property that has issues.


A pre listing inspection costs the same as one conducted while a property is under contract – ranging between $200 and $475, according to Home Advisor, depending on location and whether the inspection includes special checks like those for radon or termites.


According to INACHI a leading home inspection industry organization here are 4 reasons you should not skimp on a pre listing home inspection.


1. Reduce the stress of selling your home.

By getting an inspection before listing, you can help eliminate a lot of stress surrounding the sale. It is normal to worry that your home may have some hidden problems that you are not aware of. 


2. Help with pricing your home correctly.

The price you set for your home is one of the most important parts of the sales process. Priced too high, you will keep buyers away. Priced too low and you will make less money than you could have. But how do you price something when you do not know what it consists of, or what state it is in?


3. Speed up the sales process.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections Can Speed Up The Sales Process A buyer that knows you have already had the home inspected is going to feel a lot more comfortable making an offer. No one wants to buy a house that has a bunch of hidden issues. With the inspection in hand, you can demonstrate that the home is in great shape and worth the price you have set.


4. Help improve buyer confidence.

Buyers are in a difficult position, so it is normal for them to retain a healthy amount of suspicion when considering a home purchase. For most people buying a home is the most money they will ever spend on a single item.


As you can see here the benefits to the seller include getting the max price for the home once it is on the market. The benefits to the buyer are piece of mind, knowing their largest investment has the best chance of being a good one.


In Minneapolis, Saint Paul contact Inspections Plus for Home Inspections, Mold Inspections, Plumbing Inspections etc. With over 25 years of experience Inspections Plus is a trusted accredited home inspection company.

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