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Water Intrusion Home Inspections

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Water Intrusion Home Inspections

Does your basement leak in the spring? or during heavy rains? Here are some top reasons that may be the case and what you can do to decrease the likelihood of this happening in the future.

Spring rain is not so great if all that water is leaking into your basement. If you have puddles on your basement floor every time it rains, you're not alone. Many houses have basement water problems. The first step to solving your basement water problems for good is to understand why water leaks into the basement.


When it comes to fixing your leaky basement, there are a few steps to take to prevent leaks and keep your basement dry.


Try to consider some of these steps to slow the intrusion of moisture into your basement.


Clean gutters: When it rains, clogged gutters can overflow and rainwater can pool around your foundation. Removing leaves and debris and installing leaf guards and downspout extenders to direct water away from the house can all help prevent the soil around your house from becoming saturated.


Improve grading: It's important to make sure surrounding soil is pitched away from the house so that water drains toward your yard, not your foundation.


Repair window wells: Installing a fitted window well cover is a simple solution for keeping your window wells free of leaves and other debris that can cause the drain to clog and allow water to seep into your basement.


Install an interior waterproofing system: 


An interior drain tile connected to a sump pump is a proven solution for keeping the basement dry.

The most effective way to keep water out of your basement is to install an interior drainage system that minimizes hydrostatic pressure. By installing drain tile along the joint where the floor meets the wall, where most water leakage occurs, you can capture water before it makes its way onto the basement floor. Water coming through the foundation walls will also be collected by the drain tile. The drainage system then carries the water to a sump pump that automatically pumps the water out of your home.


In the Twin Cities and Western WI. Contact Inspections Plus Home Inspectors, a professional certified inspector can identify problem areas and Give you some ideas as to how you may reduce this pesky problem in the future.


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