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Why Condos Need a Home Inspection


In the Twin Cities Minneapolis and Saint Paul and the average price for a condo apartment is $529,782. The most recent numbers from industry sources indicate prices are headed even higher, showing us an average sold price of $584,205, with an average price per foot of more than $700.


Either way you look at it, a condo is a very significant investment. After 15 years in home inspection in the Twin Cities, we understand that condominiums are different than houses. However, we also understand that inspecting condominiums is critically important. That is even more true today with buyers having to put every available financial resource into a down payment. There is no money for sudden unexpected expenses like failed heating and cooling systems, appliance breakdowns, shower stall leaks, water damage, mould and thousands of dollars of costs to replace Kitec piping, for example.


At Inspections Plus, we have home inspectors who are specially trained to assess condos. They do not inspect the condo as if it were a home but recognize that it is a very different type of dwelling in the inspections are performed accordingly. Our condo inspections include:

An inspection of, and consultation on, the systems within your unit, focusing on their current condition and how they should be maintained

A detailed investigation of all major appliances

A check for manufacturer recalls on appliances.

A detailed inspection report (link to sample report) that documents the condition of systems, components and appliances, including illustrations, photos and maintenance advice


A condo inspection also helps you understand your property so you can know where to turn off the water in an emergency, understand how to clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct, change the air filters, etc. think of your condo inspection as a course in homeownership.


Purchasers of new condos in Twin Cities metro are protected by a government-mandated 10-day cooling off period. There is no such protection for purchasers of resale condos.


The cost of a condo inspection is roughly 1/20 of 1% of the purchase price. Our fees are very reasonable– a very small price to protect one of life’s largest investments. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it to a mechanic to check it out. It makes infinitely more sense to get the information you need to make great decisions about your new condo.


Scheduling an inspection is easy. Simply go to www.inspectionsplusguru.com and Book Your home – condo Inspection online www.inspectionsplusguru.com or call us at (612) 283-6477.

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