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Top 3 Reasons to Have an Energy Audit for Your Home

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Top 3 Reasons to Have an Energy Audit for Your Home

The winter weather is slowly approaching the Minneapolis area this year but make no mistake it will come. As you scramble to replace the winter coats that your children have outgrown and locate lost gloves, scarves and mittens, you might also find yourself adjusting the thermostat of your home in order to make you and your family more comfortable after having to brave the frigid temps that Minnesota is famous for. If you notice that you not quite as comfortable in your home as you have been in previous years, you could be due for an energy audit. 

1. You Adjust the Thermostat Upwards

Most people have a particular temperature that they set their thermostats on to accommodate their comfort level during each season. If you realize that you are feeling cold after setting your thermostat at the temperature that has always resulted in comfort previously, it is likely due to a loss of energy somewhere in your home. Finding that location could involve a great deal of time and equipment that you might not have to spare so this step is best left up to a professional. 

2. Your Utility Bill Rises

Sometimes you might not notice a drop in your comfort level that correlates with the drop in temperatures outside. Instead, you might be surprised by a hefty utility bill that is far higher than you expected or that you received during previous winter seasons. Pinpointing the reason for this jump in cost can be difficult to narrow down without the help of a highly-trained professional. 

3. You Want to Sell Your Home Soon

If you are gearing up to put your home on the market in the coming months, an energy audit -- as well as completing those recommendations that address the shortfalls in energy efficiency in your home -- can help set your property apart from others that are on the market. In addition, being able to list the fact that your home has undergone a recent energy audit is sure to capture the attention of value-conscious homeowners who are in the market for a new home. 

At Inspections Plus, they have more than 20 years of experience in a wide array of home services. This includes a comprehensive energy audit that helps you save money while improving your quality of life. 

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