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Housing Inspection after the Holiday Fiasco

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Housing Inspection after the Holiday Fiasco

You probably had your home inspected when you purchased it, but you should also have it inspected regularly after it has become a home. Hidden problems may be minor but can become expensive if not corrected promptly. If you’re like most people, you probably have too many things going on during the holiday season to schedule an inspection, but shortly afterwards is a good time to have an annual inspection because it’s easy to remember when your last one is and you may have put a bit of additional stress on the home with holiday festivities.

Electrical Inspections

If you’ve entertained guests during the holidays you put an extra load on your electrical circuits compared to the rest of the year. You’ve also run holiday lighting and decorations along with trying out gifts that run on electricity. You’ve probably cooked more than usual and perhaps run the heater at a higher level for additional comfort. A licensed inspector can do a thorough once-over to make sure your electrical systems are working properly and offer advice toward any problems you may have experienced due to the extra load.

Plumbing Inspections

Again, if you’ve hosted guests over the holidays your plumbing has seen a bit extra use which is uncommon throughout the year. Annual plumbing inspections are especially important because plumbing presents problems you want to catch before they happen. Problems with your water flow, water heater, and drain pipes can be disruptive to your daily life after they’ve happened, but a professional inspector can find the problem before you realize something is about to go wrong so your contractor can fix it before it becomes such a problem you have to go without for a few days.

Overall Inspection for an Older Home

Although it applies to a newer home as well, it is especially important to have older homes inspected regularly. It’s simply good sense to protect your investment with annual mold and radon testing, along with making sure there are no potential roof leaks or structural foundation problems about to occur. The price of a home inspection is negligible compared to the price of repairs when problems aren’t caught in time.

In addition to a home, the same concepts apply to a commercial or industrial building you may own. A professional and certified building inspector can help you find problems before they become a problem.

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