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Top Ways That Moisture Testing Helps Protect You and Your Investment

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Top Ways That Moisture Testing Helps Protect You and Your Investment

When you are looking at the home of your dreams, you are probably in a state of euphoria and excitement. Chances are that you are not thinking about any moisture that might be contained within the crawl space, flooring materials or walls. Moisture that is located in areas that are not designed to accommodate it can lead to devastating results. These include flooding as well as mold and its spores which could make your home uninhabitable. 

Common Places for Moisture

While a leaky pipe or faucet is something that most homeowners will have to contend with at some point, it is not something that you, as a new homeowner, should find out about after you have signed a contract to purchase a home. A home inspector will ensure that there are no leaky pipes or faucets as he makes his walk-through inspection of the house. Even if there are no signs of a current leaking problem, there is often evidence that an area had previous leakage issues which you need to be aware of. 

Moisture and Mold

Mold must have four elements in order to thrive -- oxygen, food (often in the form of building materials), warmth and moisture. Within a home, the first three elements are inherently present. Moisture is not typically in contact with any of those items since it is kept contained within pipes. A leak, though, can expose the floors, walls and other areas of a home to the moisture that can make the environment conducive to the formation of mold. In some cases -- with high humidity, for example -- mold can start forming within only 48 hours. In addition to being a health hazard to your family, the presence of mold can be a serious threat to the structural integrity of a home. 

At Inspections Plus, they use their 20 years of experience inspecting homes to find those items that could wind up costing you thousands of dollars in the future. From moisture and mold testing to energy audits, Todd and Tyler treat each house with the same care and concern as their own homes. They want to make sure that you are protected from making home-buying decisions that can create issues for you in the future. 


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