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Inspections for Realtors

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Inspections for Realtors

Realtors may not realize the need for inspections on the homes the sell by going on the assumption the buyer will have an independent appraisal and inspection before finalizing the deal. To some extent this reasoning may seem sound on the surface, but there are still plenty of reasons for the realtor to conduct an inspection before putting the house on the market.


Need for Inspections

The most obvious need for a realtor’s inspection is to plan ahead for what an interested buyer’s inspector might find. If there is a problem you have the opportunity to fix it. If you decide to leave it as is, at least you know it’s there and can develop a realistic explanation. You might explain how there are several solutions and you want to leave the choice to the buyer as a way to customize the house to their purposes. You can also explain you wanted to leave the house as is in order to provide a lower asking price. You can further plan ahead with a contractor estimate and offer to have it repaired if that’s what the buyer prefers.


Convincing a Client

The inspection can also be used as a means of convincing a potential buyer as to the quality of the house and your dedication toward providing a great home. Your knowledge of the house derived from the inspection is bound to be impressive and build trust with the buyer. It proves you’re willing to take the extra steps necessary to provide your clients with the best home available.


Closing the Sale

Just as the inspection can be used as part of the sales pitch, it can also be used to help close the deal. Especially with clients on a tight budget, the pre-inspection gives them a legitimate expectation they aren’t going to pay a home inspector to find the house isn’t up to standard. If they like two houses equally the inspection paperwork for the one can be enough to convince them to proceed toward its purchase.


Don’t assume a client is responsible for the inspection so you don’t need one. Having the house inspected proves your dedication to the job and puts you a step ahead of the competition. In the overall scheme of things, the inspection is a relatively minor expense that will pay for itself with more sales and less follow up with each client.

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