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The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

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The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

If you tried, you would be hard-pressed to find a household that’s uninterested in saving money on their electric bill. In fact, more and more people are accepting the idea that they can do something to lower their electric bills. If you are a homeowner who is actively trying to reduce your energy consumption, you should start by getting a home energy audit.

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is an assessment of how your home utilizes energy, and it’s performed by an electrical professional such as those on our team at Inspection Plus Gurus. With a home energy audit, a member of our team goes through your home to determine where your home may be allowing energy to escape. We check your walls, windows, attic, and a host of other places to ensure that your home is tight. In addition to assessing the inside of your home, our team is also trained to assess the outside of your home to ensure you get a comprehensive assessment of your home’s energy use.

What Happens Following a Home Energy Audit?

What makes a home energy audit most beneficial to homeowners is the fact that you get definitive information about energy leaks in your home. Armed with that information, you can work with our team to determine the best way to seal your home. Energy.gov estimates that homeowners who follow the recommendations outlined in their home energy audit results can save 5-30% of their energy costs.

You Are Not Alone Following Your Home Energy Audit

Another great benefit of hiring a professional to conduct a home energy audit is the fact that you are not alone. The team of professionals at Inspection Plus Gurus can make recommendations to help you reduce your home’s energy consumption. From insulating your water heater to sealing your basement, our timely advice can help you determine the best course of action following an audit.

If you are ready to transform your home into an energy-efficient machine, we are ready to help. We will start by thoroughly assessing your home, both inside and outside, to determine your problem areas. Once we have more information about energy leaks and other energy concerns, we’ll help you develop a plan of attack. Start saving money on your electrical bills today by giving us a call.

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