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Before You Buy: Roof to Foundation Inspections

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Before You Buy: Roof to Foundation Inspections

Searching for and buying a new house is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Not only is the house likely the biggest investment you’ve ever made, it’s also going to your family’s home where you spend most of your time. Once you find the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of, it’s important to conduct your own inspection before finalizing the purchase. The house has probably already been through a code inspection and appraisal, but those only describe the house in its existing state. A private inspection performed on behalf of the buyer can advise you of potential problems which may arise so you aren’t surprised with unexpected repairs a year later.


The roof is to some extent out of sight and out of mind, yet is an important part of the house as the first layer of protection against the weather. Even if the roof isn’t leaking at the moment, you need to be aware of what kind of shape it is in. Missing shingles or shingles which weren’t properly installed are going to cause a problem at some point. Further, the boots and tar sealant around chimneys and vent pipes require maintenance and occasional replacement, so you need to know if they are in good shape when you move in.

Electric and Plumbing

The electric and plumbing systems affect your daily life and make the perfect house become a nightmare to live in when there are problems. Electric systems should start with all the outlets and switches working properly, but there’s more to it. The circuit breakers need to be correctly wired at the proper amperage and the wires in the walls need to be in good working order to prevent a fire hazard. Plumbing needs to be properly sealed to prevent leaks while maintaining enough water pressure to assure you can use it easily.


The foundation is the base of your home and if it has problems you’ll have very expensive repairs down the road. The obvious aspect of the foundation inspection is to check for physical damage in the form of cracks, but again, there’s more to it. If the foundation is out of level due to excessive settling, you’ll never be happy in the house. The drainage also has to work properly or water will seep into your basement or crawlspace which will cause the foundation to crack and lead to mold, insect, and potentially rodent infestations.

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