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Realtors and Homeowners: Why Your Reports Look Different

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Realtors and Homeowners: Why Your Reports Look Different

When considering a home inspection, real estate agents, potential buyers, and sellers all need a different summary of the property. The private inspection is independent of a code inspection or appraisal, although the private inspection is likely more useful and informative for the parties involved. Appraisal determines the value of the house, code inspection confirms the home is up to modern living standards. The private inspection determines what you as a buyer can expect as to the basic function of the house, or if there are going to be immediate repairs required after the purchase.

Legal Information Realtors Need

The bottom line for realtors is they need to know what the house is worth and what it could potentially be worth with repairs and upgrades. There is nothing wrong with that, a realtor provides an invaluable service by making houses which are for sale available to potential buyers. It's in the realtor's best interest to provide the best home for their clients and receive not only their commission for the sale but recommendations for future work. It's in the client's best interest to work with somebody they trust who provides the best information available.

Practical Knowledge for Homeowners

Homeowners require a different knowledge about the house than real estate agents may need. The value of the house in the current market and value against an anticipated market is important for short term owners, and the general integrity of the house and its value is important to long term owners. Such items may influence the amount of your bid or change which of several houses you like you choose to place a bid for.

Both Reports Are Available for Either Circumstance

It is common in the modern era for someone to buy a house planning to retire in it but receive a job offer and have to move. Equally common is to plan for living in a home for a few short years before moving elsewhere yet living there into retirement. If you're approaching the house as a homeowner, it doesn't hurt to ask to see the investment prospect for the house. Likewise, it behooves the real estate agent to ask for the homeowner's report in addition to the business opportunity inspection which details which features of the house add to its value and what repairs might be required for the house to maintain its full value.

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