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Top Reasons To Hire A Home Inspector

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Top Reasons To Hire A Home Inspector

You are finally almost ready to move into your new -- to you -- home. It took you a long time to find just the right one. After what seemed to be miles of red tape, credit checks and forms to fill out, you are nearly ready to take possession of the keys and move in. There is one last piece of business that must be taken care of before you can call the home yours, though -- the home inspection. 

What Do You Need a Home Inspector for Anyway?

For many eager homeowners-to-be, a home inspector can seem like just one more cog in the smooth sailing toward getting their home. After all, you walked through your new home so you know all about your home -- or do you? A home inspector does much more than simply take a leisurely stroll through the rooms of your Minneapolis home. He closely inspect every system of the house to make sure that you are not going to be saddled with unexpected expenses shortly after you move in. 

Reasons to Hire a Minneapolis Home Inspector

In addition to it being a required by nearly every lender in the Minneapolis metro area, there are other reasons for springing for a home inspector before you seal the deal on a home. 

  • You can celebrate more extravagantly. Why? With a home that passes the rigorous inspection that a home inspector subjects it to, you know that you do not have to worry about any of the major systems -- such as the plumbing, HVAC or electrical -- failing shortly after you move in. Bring on the lobster and champagne to commemorate your first night in your new home!

  • You can landscape and spruce up to your heart's content. Whether you are an accomplished backyard chef or you are excited to try your hand at landscaping for the first time, a Minneapolis home inspection saves you money over the lifetime of your home. So go ahead and splurge! Get that fantastic outdoor kitchen you have always wanted or landscape to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge that your budget won't be wiped out by a major repair.  

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