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4 Reasons Why Even a New Home Needs an Inspection

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4 Reasons Why Even a New Home Needs an Inspection

Whether you are purchasing a new home that has already been built or you are having a custom home built per your own plans, you might be wondering if having it inspected is a waste of your time and money. The simple answer to this common question is a resounding "no." Even new homes can benefit from being inspected by a qualified and experienced home inspector. In fact, these homes lend themselves more readily to a home inspection, in part, because potential homeowners don't expect that there will be any problems with them. 

1. It's more thorough than codes inspections

Every new construction must undergo inspections by the local authorities at certain stages of the process to ensure that they meet all applicable building codes. However, these inspections are often pretty cursory with the focus being primarily on the system in question. 

2. It looks at the big picture

Building inspectors are often focused solely on ensuring that certain systems and areas meet the applicable codes. They typically don't look at the big picture of how all those systems work together within the home. In fact, beyond inspecting items such as the foundation and electrical system, building inspectors have little to say about the condition of the rest of the home -- beyond obvious defects, of course. 

3. Using a home inspector provides you with an unbiased viewpoint

Although the builder of the house will perform inspections at certain times during the building process, as well as a final inspection before declaring the job complete, you'll want to have an unbiased professional take a look at the home before you approve it. Using a home inspector means that you can have this unbiased appraisal of your home and know that all is as it should be before you take possession of it. 

4. It's a good investment

The purchase of your home is likely to be the largest of your life. It's important to start of homeownership on a positive note. Having a clear home inspection means that this professional has thoroughly inspected each system, as well as the house in its entirety, to ensure that there are no issues. The peace of mind that you obtain from this investment cannot be understated. Instead of wrangling with the builder to fix issues that weren't noticed before you moved in, you can simply relax and enjoy your new home. 

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