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Inspections and Winter Home Preparations

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Inspections and Winter Home Preparations

Inspections are an important part of preparing a home for winter weather, or at the least, a way to prevent unseen damage after a winter storm from spreading and causing more problems. There are different problems winter weather can cause compared to summer storms as snow and freezing rain form on the house, or standing water freezes. In addition to normal water damage as it melts, a power outage, even temporary, can be potentially disastrous during the cold of weather.

Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections need to be conducted routinely simply to make sure there are no small leaks or potential weak spots which may not be blatantly noticeable but are causing damage to the roof structure. With winter weather and freezing temperatures there is the further consideration that valleys aren't blocked, chimneys and exhaust pipes are properly sealed while allowing for a proper water flow, and gutters are properly aligned for efficient drainage. When water doesn't flow it freezes, blocking yet more water. The dam causes water to soak under the shingles which were designed for flowing rather than standing water and begins to cause the sub-roof to rot.

Electrical and Heating Inspections

It's essential to have the heating system inspected for potential problems before the harsh winter weather hits. If the system is going to fail, it's likely going to happen on the coldest days of the year when you need it most, because you use it the most on those days. Such a situation is dangerous for anyone, but especially if children, elderly people, or someone with a disability lives in the home.

Energy Audits for Lower Bills

During the spring and summer, there are ways to lower your power bill by tolerating the heat or using windows and fans to run the air conditioner less. In the winter, there is little you can do to lower your power bill while remaining warm in your home. An energy audit can find areas where heat is escaping or determine whether your heat system is performing at peak efficiency.

Regular inspections find small problems before they get worse, which they always will if left unattended. Further, routine home inspections give you the peace of mind of knowing your home is in ideal shape to provide for your comfort while assuring you aren't paying more for your power bill than you need to.

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