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4 Reasons it Pays to Hire a Professional Home Inspector

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4 Reasons it Pays to Hire a Professional Home Inspector

Purchasing a home is a huge responsibility that can be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life. It can also be an event that is the stuff that nightmares are made of -- if your home has hidden issues that involve a great deal of time and money to solve. A home inspection by a professional can often uncover any issues prior to the buyer signing a contract. Other reasons why a home inspection is a good idea include the following: 

1. Find safety issues

Even if a safety issue is not immediately obvious, doesn't mean that it can't cause problem down the road. Even something that seems harmless, like a minor faucet drip or a sticky door handle, can lead to harmful consequences in the future. That dripping faucet could lead to a huge mold problem and the sticky door knob can make it difficult to get out of a room in the event of an emergency. 

2. Make a record of additions and installations

Perhaps you are drawn to a home because the sellers added on extensively to accommodate their growing family. If those additions don't meet the building codes your local municipality put into place, however, your taxes, insurance and home value can all be negatively affected. In some cases, these can also affect the very structural integrity of your home. 

3. Uncover infestations from insects and other pests

Termites -- whose presence means that eventually the structure of your home will be questionable -- are often the first thing to pop into your mind when discussing insects that infest a home. However, the presence of insects, such as spiders or ants, could be the result of a weakness in the foundation or a hidden hole in a wall that allows the pests to enter the home. 

4. Clarify the difference between serious and superficial issues

When you first entered the house you want to purchase, you probably began a mental tally of all of items that need to be replaced and how you would make it your own. Your focus on that boring beige wall to wall carpet in the foyer and living room could make you overlook issues such as looming HVAC repairs or electrical issues without an unbiased, third party's opinion. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota residents know they can count on Inspections Plus for thorough and professional home inspections. Contact them today to schedule yours! 

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