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4 Common Problems You Face When You Skip a Home Inspection

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4 Common Problems You Face When You Skip a Home Inspection

When you are purchasing a home, there is nothing quite as important as getting a home inspection performed. With a home inspection, you get the benefit of a proven, unbiased expert examining your home of choice. Based on their intimate knowledge of the housing industry, they can easily determine if the home you are interested in will need repairs. On the other hand, if you fail to get a home inspection, you may face some of the most common and costly home repairs, including the following four repairs.

Faulty Wires

One of the most common repairs home inspectors see when they inspect a home is faulty wires. The description of faulty wires includes amperage mismatches, missing nuts on wires, and open junction boxes. Not only are these common occurrences a nuisance, but they are also a safety hazard. Mismatched amperage can lead to shorts, which can ultimately cause a house fire.

Basement Dampness

Home inspectors also reference dampness in basements when they refer to common problems. Damp basements can be a headache for a new homeowner. The dark space and moist air combine to create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Although mold growth can be eliminated, no new homeowner should have to contend with mold when they first move into their home.

Roofing Problems

A roof supports the entire home from the top of the home to the bottom of the home. With a strong roof, homeowners won’t have to worry about wind damaging their shingles, water leaks, and air escaping from their homes. Unfortunately, when the roof of a home is damaged, homeowners may have to contend with all of these problems and more. A bad roof can lead to other problems in the home. However, a home inspection can help you avoid all of these problems.

Problems with the Home’s Foundation

Foundation problems are another serious and costly expense that home inspectors can detect easily. Cracks in the foundation aren’t there simply because the house is old. In most cases, cracks in a home’s foundation signal a problem, an expensive problem.

At Inspection Plus, we encourage everyone purchasing a home to get a home inspection report. With a home inspection, you can forego all of these costly repairs by avoiding purchasing the home. If you have your eye set on a home, give us a call to schedule a home inspection before you sign the purchase contract.

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