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Sell Your Home Faster With a Home Inspection Report

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Sell Your Home Faster With a Home Inspection Report

When it comes to selling your home, most homeowners like to sell their homes quickly. The quicker they can sell it, the quicker they can move on to their new place and a new life.

Many homeowners try different techniques to get their homes to sell faster, including staging. However, many skip one of the best ways to make their home sell faster, the home inspection report.

What Is a Home Inspection Report?

A home inspection report is a report itemizing a home inspector’s expert opinion of the overall state of a house. Home inspectors are experts who inspect homes so that buyers and sellers can have more information when they are buying and selling a home. A home inspection report informs people about potential problems within a home.

How Can a Home Inspection Report Help a Seller?

In Minnesota, the average days a home remains on the market is 78. In a fast moving market, homes sell within 30 days. With many homes sitting idle on the market, nearly three times longer, residents of Minnesota can improve their chances of selling quickly by getting a home inspection report.


Although very few homes are in tiptop condition, sellers can demonstrate to potential buyers that their home doesn’t need repairs. Armed with proof that their home will likely be able to withstand normal wear and tear, many buyers will jump at the chance of buying a repair-free, competitively-priced home because they can eliminate spending thousands in repair costs in the beginning.


Another reason buyers will improve their odds of selling their home faster with a home inspection report is that buyers can move right in. Potential home buyers value the opportunity to move into a turnkey home. Very few want fixer upper homes. In most cases, only investors want fixer upper homes. With proof that the home they are interested in is in good condition, they have the peace of mind knowing they can move into their new home without delay once their contract is signed.


If you are a seller and you anticipate putting your home on the market this year, don’t do so without first getting a home inspection report. Informed buyers will view your property favorably when you present them with unbiased, third-party information concerning the state of your home. If you’ve yet to get a home inspection, give us a call today. We are more than happy to schedule a home inspection to help you reduce the amount of time your home is on the market.

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