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Regular Home Inspections Help You Save Money

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Regular Home Inspections Help You Save Money

You may think an inspection is something you do when buying a house and you would be right as that’s an important way to protect your investment. Inspections before purchase are a large part of every inspector’s job, but there is more to it than that. Ongoing inspections save money by finding and solving routine maintenance problems before they become a major (read- more expensive) problem.


Mold grows on moisture. Although readily apparent after a noticeable water leak, there are less noticeable structural compromises that allow condensation to form in walls, leading to mold growth. This type of issue is a perfect example of what a professional inspector can find and eliminate before it becomes such a problem that requires a contractor to rebuild walls or replace cabinetry.

A bit of trivia concerning moisture which may surprise you concerns a paint known as “ceiling white” and is available through every paint manufacturer in America. The paint is designed to stain immediately with only a drop of water. Having to repaint your ceiling may seem like a nuisance, but rest assured that fixing the problem before mold begins to form is much less of a hassle than having to replace structural elements after they’ve been compromised. Professional inspectors are trained and aware of this and other subtle signs that alert you to maintenance issues before they become expensive problems.

Energy Audit

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve likely received a monthly energy bill that seemed higher than usual. That’s ordinary and can typically be explained by events over the last month, perhaps a hot tub, maybe power tools used during renovations, or a new piece of exercise equipment. When power bills continue to increase each month without explanation, you likely have an appliance or an issue in your HVAC system that is not working efficiently. Again, this is the type of issue an inspector can find and suggest solutions, offering saving in the long term rather than continuing to finance a power bill that supports malfunctioning equipment.


Home Inspectors provide more services than a home evaluation before your purchase. They help with advice toward maintenance of your home to maintain its value. Even if it isn’t an investment home, remember the value is based on the level of comfort provided to You as You live there from day to day.

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