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Get your Decks Inspected

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Get your Decks Inspected

Periodic Deck Inspections from a professional inspection company can save money but can also save lives.

Having the decks on your homeowners, townhome or condo association inspected regularly is just good sound policy. Decks can weather and create dangerous situations for your association homeowners and guests. There are many parts that compose a deck from the footings to the deck and rails these parts are susceptible to wear and tear and should be inspected by a professional deck inspection company regularly.

It's estimated that 2.5 million new or replacement decks were built last year. Almost every new home being built today includes an elevated deck or porch. And, existing decks on older homes are being replaced at a very high rate. In fact, the number of personal injuries and deaths related to decks each year is likely to continue to rise because more decks are being constructed each year and existing decks are deteriorating.

The International Code Council (ICC) suggests looking for the following when inspecting decks, balconies, or porches: split or rotting wood; loose or missing nails, screws, or anchors where the structure is attached to the building; missing, damaged or loose support beams and planking; and, wobbly handrails or guardrails.

Framing inspections are usually only required for decks that are built low to the ground to make it possible for inspectors to their job without crawling under a deck. In these cases you will need to call for a deck inspection before the decking is installed so the framing is visible from above the deck. They will be verifying that you are building precisely what your plans indicated. Are you using the same size and type of wood as you specified? Is the joist spacing correct?

There are many different types of decking materials these days, there are the old wood structures but now there are many composites and synthetic materials, each one of these has their own pluses and minuses. Make sure if you are having a deck rebuilt or added onto your property the installer knows the materials he is working with. Also before it is completed make sure a certified professional has a chance to inspect your deck.

Avoiding unnecessary injury by hiring a professional home inspection company is a smart thing to do. Failing or collapsing decks account for thousands of injuries in the US each year and these types of accidents can be easily avoided.

If you are looking to hire a company to inspect your decks contact Inspections Plus Guru, Minneapolis St Paul MN. Home Inspection Company. Contac t them today!

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