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Electrical Inspections for Homes or Businesses.

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Electrical Inspections for Homes or Businesses.

If you are purchasing a home or thinking of selling your home you should be sure to have a complete home inspection completed. If you are the buyer you want to make sure a complete top to bottom inspection is completed on all the major mechanical systems. This would include a roofing inspection, plumbing inspection, foundation inspection, electrical inspection and of course HVAC systems like your furnace and central air units.

These are easily performed by a professional licensed inspection company. Of course you can hire a different professional for each trade but a certified inspection company should be just as knowledgeable and it will keep your costs down.

Today we will take a look at Electrical Inspections. Electrical systems are an integral part of today’s homes no longer just running lights and appliances they are bundled in with Internet services alarm systems etc.  A professional Electrical Inspection can save you a lot of time and headaches down the road.

When did America become electrified?

When electricity became accessible to a large number of people in the 1930s, it allowed people to enjoy life's little luxuries, such as hot plates, waffle irons and electric stoves.

For many who enjoyed country living, electricity didn't come their way for a few more decades. However, these were the families that could have used electricity the most. It would have helped them complete the number of chores necessary to keep their farms thriving and healthy.

Early Electrical Systems

Were comprised of ceramic fuses and cloth wrapped copper wire, these systems worked but they were prone to blowing fuses and creating hot spots on the wiring that could easily lead to fire. Regardless the systems worked and the US set about electrifying cities and suburbs. Rural systems were a little slower to develop but the  had pretty much caught up by the 1950’s.

Modern Electrical Systems

Modern electrical systems carry a lot more voltage then the older systems. The junction boxes are no longer fuses but they have been converted to circuit breakers. And the wiring is no longer wrapped in vulnerable cloth but coated with a plastic that contains the electrical signal not just for safety purposes but also reduces heat and energy loss.

If you are buying a Home check the electrical system visually.

If the home you are buying is up to date you should be able to take a look in the utility area and visually see a circuit breaker box. Of course your home inspection company will examine it in more detail, just knowing this has been updated will bring you piece of mind.

If you are selling a home and you know your electrical system is updated having it professional inspected and certified will make a purchasing decision easier for potential buyers.

A reliable professional Home Inspection Company in the Twin Cities is, Inspections Plus Gurus. Certified in all aspects of home inspections, Inspections Plus Guru can offer the piece of mind the home you are buying or selling is in great shape from top to bottom.


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