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Home Inspections for Older Homes

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Home Inspections for Older Homes

When buying or selling an older home it is important to consider a professional Inspection provided by a licensed inspection company.

Older homes can offer some cozy living, and be a dream home in the country or city. If you are considering purchasing an older home you have to consider a thorough inspection before you close. Older homes have a lot of potential issues due to the components and techniques used in the past to build homes.


In the modern era we have codes and criteria for how a home is built and what type of components go into a new construction project. State laws and regulations guarantee safety and reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals. Older homes depending on where and when they were built may lack those same protections. It’s a fact that not too long ago we just didn’t understand how dangerous certain everyday building materials were. In fact as recent as the 1950’s and 60’s we were still wrapping ductwork and plumbing in asbestos tape. Imagine discovering that in your dream home.


Older homes have history and character. They often have architectural details we don’t see today, and building materials and techniques that are not used in modern construction. Homes don’t wear out, especially older ones. Their systems can be updated and their charm retained.


With quality home inspection services, you can ensure that the systems are in working order before making a decision. So, if you are looking to buy an older home, congratulations! Let’s look at some of things you can do to ensure a great experience in a mature home.


Typical inspections for older homes will include,

  •          Electrical Systems
  •          Plumbing Systems
  •          Foundations
  •          Roofing
  •          Heating and Air Conditioning


A complete inspection on an older home is a must and a professional licensed Inspection Company may even go deeper into the structure and substructure to make sure you purchase a solid dream home.


One other area to consider is indoor air quality. If family members have asthma or other sensitivities to environmental issues, an indoor air quality, asbestos, and mold investigation should be considered. Water is the number one enemy of homes, and water problems may mean concealed mold. If your exterior is stucco you may want to consider indoor air quality checks. Stucco has been known to be an exterior siding product that can trap moisture not allowing a home to breathe. A home inspection company can do tests for Mold, radon and more .


Stucco Inspections look closely at the water management design and stucco assessor installation to ensure that the water that does make its way behind the stucco penetrates no further than the water barrier and then down and out the stucco mid-wall and termination weep screeds.


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