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Inspections Plus Guru named Thumbtack Top Professional!

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Inspections Plus Guru named Thumbtack Top Professional!

As a small business it is nice when you receive referrals from customers these referrals can change the way other potential customers look at your business. Inspections Plus Guru has recently been named a Thumbtack Professional Top Pro.

Getting recognized by a top ranked online professional’s directory like Thumbtack is a really big deal.  It really solidifies our reputation as a top quality Home and Commercial Business Inspection Company in the Mpls. St Paul area.

There are several directories like Thumbtack that offer consumers a way to search for services they may need  for a particular project, when it comes to home inspection company’s Inspections Plus Guru ranks among the best.

What makes a great Inspection company? There are several factors that can combine to make a business stand out from the rest here are a couple things that make us stand out from the competition.

Pay attention to detail!

A home inspection company that pays particular attention to detail and doesn’t rush thru an inspection is always going to stand above the crowd. Also taking the time to go over a post inspection report with a buyer or seller is a great way to establish a connection with our customers.

Becoming Good Listeners

When you take the time to listen to a customer’s questions or concern you are going to look like a professional in their eyes immediately. If you are just there to rush thru a job and you don’t give the customer  the time of day you are not going to look good in their eyes.

Be Thorough

Here is what one customer had to say about our thoroughness.

Very responsive to customer needs. Affordable and thorough. Tony and Todd bent over backwards (not to mention fast turnaround) to get us information and analysis relating to the requested home inspection. Great guys to chat with on this topic too. Highly recommend”.

Be Affordable

If a customer wants to use your services but they cannot afford them you are going to lose a lot of customers. Having a flexible fee structure based on several criteria can get you more business. It’s nice to do the big jobs but you can’t be successful turning away the small ones also.

As we mentioned above it is great to be recognized as a top professional in our field. We are proud to service the needs of Homeowners and Sellers in need of a reliable home inspection company anywhere in the Twin Cities.

Inspections Plus Guru

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