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Home Inspections for Insulation and Energy Audits

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Home Inspections for Insulation and Energy Audits

In a recent study performed by NACHI (National Assoc of Home Inspectors) regular home inspections of your residential dwelling heating and air conditioning systems can reveal the status of your homes insulation efficiency. This inspection will give you a great understanding of whether or not you can make some improvements to reduce your seasonal energy costs.

The one thing we can all count on? In the winter your heating bill will go up, in the summer you will run your Air Conditioner. These two things are a given. What this really means is you are always going to be keeping an eye on your cooling and heating bills. Sure you can keep the thermostat at 68 all winter but how popular are you going to be with the family? Conversely no one likes to try and sleep in a hot muggy room with nosy fans on all night.

There is a way and a couple things you can do to ensure the money you are spending on heating and cooling is managed in the best way possible. It may also make you look like a hero by going the extra mile to plan for these things ahead of time and not waiting till the snow is falling.

When an inspection is performed on your home for energy loss or waste a professional home inspector will check all available insulation sources. The most important will be in your attic. Heat rises so proper insulation in the winter can help reduce energy loss. In the summer warm humid air can seep in thru walls, windows and other vulnerable areas. A proper inspection can identify these areas and your home inspector can help you assemble a plan of attack to close the holes.

Let’s start in the attic since it is the largest space and known cause of a home’s energy loss.

Attic insulation comes in two types Blown and Rolls. Adding insulation will help provide added thermal protection and enhanced comfort. Let's learn about what a successful installation of additional insulation in a vented attic looks like.

Care should be taken when installing blown insulation to ensure that it fills all ceiling joist bays, leaving no gaps or voids around wiring or piping, and that it covers the tops of the joists to stop thermal bridging. The depth of coverage should be even across the field of the attic.

Other areas in the attic your home inspector may point out is areas around vents should be thoroughly sealed. This can be done with a thermal tape or caulking. You should also check light fixtures, power switches etc.

When contacting a company to perform these home inspections it is important that they are licensed and experienced. There are companies like Inspections Plus Guru that perform inspections for all types of buildings that have the experience and certifications to give you confidence. In Minneapolis St Paul Inspections Plus Guru is your professional Home Inspection Company.

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