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How to Choose a Home Inspector Before Your Big Purchase

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How to Choose a Home Inspector Before Your Big Purchase

Purchasing your new home is a big event for you. More than simply having the perfect location, it’s important that the home you choose is move-in ready. Unfortunately, the major components of any home are tucked away, either in a wall, the attic, or below the subfloors. So, how can you ensure that the home you are about to purchase is up to par and won’t result in expensive repairs after you move in your new home? You avoid household repairs by finding the right home inspector.

What Do Home Inspectors Do?

Home inspectors are professionals who examine houses. Many mortgage companies require home inspections to ensure that the property they are financing is worth what you are paying for it. You can also hire an inspector to ensure the home you purchase is more than just a looker on the outside--it has good bones, and the systems work as they should. 

Home inspectors look at a variety of items at a house during the pre-purchase stage. The more areas they examine, the easier it is for them to give you an informed answer on whether you should purchase the house or not. The following are a few items home inspectors consider while they are onsite:

•    Heating and cooling systems
•    Crawl space and attic
•    Plumbing
•    Foundation
•    Windows

Although a general inspection will help you avoid problematic properties, you may also want to consult a specialist if some of the systems in the house you are considering are questionable.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Great Home Inspector

Buying a home is a big investment, and you want to make sure it is the right investment for you and your family. Your ability to choose a thorough home inspector affects whether you will spend large sums of money on troublesome repairs after purchasing your home. Below are a few tips to help you choose the best home inspector for your home inspection:

Tip #1. Research their experience
Choose a home inspector who has been in business for years because they will likely have a trained eye for repair problems.

Tip #2. Examine their qualifications
Many home inspectors continue their education beyond the minimum qualifications they have for the job. When you find a professional who has certifications and licenses in other specialty areas of the field, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t overlook potential issues within the home.

Tip #3. Ask a professional
Realtors, bankers, and lawyers work with a lot of professionals during the home buying process. Asking them for referrals will increase your chances of choosing the best home inspector for the job.



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