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The Most Common Home Inspection Issues

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The Most Common Home Inspection Issues

The Most Common Home Inspection Issues

Whether you are closing on the purchase of a new home or you are just trying to get a grasp on where you current home sits a Detailed Home Inspection can give you the answers you may be searching for. Besides learning about all the mechanical operation of your home the inspection will reveal any obvious defects.

Accredited Home Inspectors can evaluate all aspects of your home or commercial building. If you are interested in knowing up front some of the top issues home inspectors discover we have compiled a short list.

This is just that a short list as we all know there are many different types of situations that may arise depending on many different factors. Factors may include age of the home or building, type of construction materials used, number of additions or modifications made over the years etc.

Let’s look at some of those common issues from a Professional Home Inspectors point of view.


Improper surface grading and drainage.

The most effective remedies for bad drainage include re-grading the ground around the house, repairing or installing a gutter and downspout system and providing positive drainage away from the foundation. This was by far the most frequently-found problem.


Improper and undersized electrical wiring

Inspectors say that much of the improper wiring they see was put together by do-it-yourselfers. This is a serious safety hazard, not just a cosmetic defect. Some but not all of these issues may include aluminum wiring, inadequate overload protection, improper grounding and dangerous amateur wiring connections.


Poor Ventilation

Poor Ventilation may cause rotting and premature failure of both structural and nonstructural elements. Moisture from unvented bathrooms and kitchens can damage plaster and may also lead to the accumulation of mold. Due to overly ambitious efforts to save energy, many home owners have "over-sealed" their homes, This can lead to an improper mix of stale and fresh air.


Older or Damaged Roofs

Roof leakage caused by old or damaged shingles or improper flashing is a frequent problem. It can be easy and inexpensive to repair damaged tiles and shingles and to re-caulk the roof penetrations. Expensive, major roof repairs may be required down the road, if the repairs are put off.


Again these are just a few issues that home inspectors may come across during the course of a complete inspection. It is important to note that there are many codes for state and local buildings and these codes change regularly. A properly trained certified and professional Home Inspection company should be up to date on these changes.                                                                                                                                                                                       If you own a home and are considering hiring an accredited inspection company to give you an update as to where you stand mechanically and physical contact Inspections Plus Guru, in the Minneapolis Saint Paul area. Inspections Plus Guru is a certified accredited home inspection company with over 20 years’ experience I the building and inspection trades.


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