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Home Inspections for New Construction?

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Home Inspections for New Construction?

Should you hire a home inspector for a new construction?

For many families, new construction is the only option. Building materials and techniques that are used today produce highly energy-efficient homes that require very little maintenance. With new HVAC systems and appliances, it is reasonable to anticipate many worry-free years of home ownership. For this reason, a lot of people buying a newly-constructed home rely solely on the building codes inspector, builder’s reputation, and their own visual inspection of the work quality.

It is important to remember that the building codes inspector is looking for minimal compliance. This inspector is not looking for issues that may cause you problems years ahead. Oftentimes, these inspectors are very busy and may develop relationships with builders that can compromise the integrity of their reports.

The builder’s warranty is typically for just one year. Many moisture problems are not apparent during the first few years of ownership. The ongoing grading and landscaping that takes place around new homes often leads to moisture issues for the basement or crawl space. To prevent moisture from wicking into the seals and floor joist, landscaping should always be at least six inches below the framing. The workers for many landscape companies just want it to look good. They may not know about or follow that standard.

When builders get a home under contract, they hurriedly finish the project so they can move on to the next. Even small, independent builders will have more than one house under construction simultaneously. This can lead to less knowledgeable and less experienced workers doing much of the work without a licensed builder’s supervision.

A smoother home buying transaction

It is much easier to get builders to make corrections prior to closing. Many of the defects are simply minor cosmetic issues. Regardless of your relationship with the builder or their reputation, their bottom line is always a top priority. They will be reluctant to pull workers from the next house to go back and make minor corrections on one that has already closed. No reputable builder should object to you hiring a certified home inspector to perform a thorough inspection on your home. Even the best builders are not perfect.

The home inspector will focus on the condition and structure. They will point out any possible safety concerns and issues that may cause problems in the future. The process is primarily a visual inspection by a knowledgeable third-party with years of experience. They are not able to test areas that are inaccessible. They take their time and use some equipment to test systems. They do not do any destructive testing. They provide the client with a detailed report and photos of any defects mentioned.

In addition to the standard items covered by a typical home inspection, most companies offer several optional inspection services like radon testing, lead paint screening, pools, mold testing, water quality, and more. If the need arises, you may need the help of a home inspection report to re-negotiate the purchase contract. 

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