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what is the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal
There is some confusion by home buyers and sellers as to what the difference between a Home Appraisal and a Home Inspection are. They are 2 completely different procedures and they may or may not be required by a lender.
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A Home Roof Inspection can save you time and money.
Given the severity of storms in the upper Midwest region this spring and summer so far it’s important to know what to look for with regards to roof damage. An accredited home inspector can help to identify wind hail and storm damage you may not be able to see for yourself.
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A home inspection may affect the sale price of your next home
A home inspection can affect the actual sale and price of a home so you want to make sure you get a qualified home inspection company to do the job for you.
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With every industry there are myths. Home Inspections are no different.
The Home Inspection industry is regulated by professional as well as state agencies thus securing a pretty professional industry that homeowners or purchasers can rely on.
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Home Inspection Companies can help identify the causes of your leaky basement
Water intrusion into your home is a pain in the neck. Musty damp smelling carpet is nobody’s favorite smell. Home Inspection Services Companies see this every day. A professional home inspection can design a solution to prevent this.
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Commercial Building Inspections

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Commercial Building Inspections
Commercial Buildings have many issues similar to residential homes and apartments, however there are several differences that may contribute to the overall health of it's tenants. Having a proper periodic inspection of your buildings systems can prevent many health issues down the road.
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New Construction Home Inspections

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New Construction Home Inspections
Should you have a professional home inspection company inspect your new construction before closing?
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Home Inspections for Older Homes

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Home Inspections for Older Homes
Older homes need a little more attention when it comes to inspections before a buyer closes on a purchase. There are many systems that have changed over the years. Heating, Electrical, Plumbing etc all need to be inspected to make certain updates have been performed where possible.
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Why you should hire a Professional Home Inspection Company
Any serious home buyer will probably make his or her offer contingent on having your house professionally inspected, with the buyer approving the results. The buyer’s inspection may turn up a variety of hidden defects or problems that can turn the negotiating tables in the buyer’s favor.
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What Household Threats Should You Consider When Buying a Home?
Buying a home can be a challenging endeavor. Beyond the financial investment, there is an overwhelming amount of information you must digest before you settle on a home. Most of the information is helpful. However, very little of the information pale in comparison when it comes to learning how to weed out bad houses.
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