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Indoor air quality and mold Testing

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Indoor air quality and mold Testing
A professional home inspection can provide a complete evaluation of the interior and exterior your home using state of the art air quality testing equipment and analysis.
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Mold Inspections for Residential and Commercial buildings.
If you even think you have a mold issue in your home or business you need to have a professional mold inspection company come out and do a complete evaluation. Mold can do a lot of damage not only to the structure of a home or commercial building but it can create irreparable damage to your family and loved ones.
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What Household Threats Should You Consider When Buying a Home?
Buying a home can be a challenging endeavor. Beyond the financial investment, there is an overwhelming amount of information you must digest before you settle on a home. Most of the information is helpful. However, very little of the information pale in comparison when it comes to learning how to weed out bad houses.
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Sell Your Home Faster With a Home Inspection Report
When it comes to selling your home, most homeowners like to sell their homes quickly. The quicker they can sell it, the quicker they can move on to their new place and a new life. Many homeowners try different techniques to get their homes to sell faster, including staging. However, many skip one of the best ways to make their home sell faster, the home inspection report.
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4 Common Problems You Face When You Skip a Home Inspection
When you are purchasing a home, there is nothing quite as important as getting a home inspection performed. With a home inspection, you get the benefit of a proven, unbiased expert examining your home of choice. Based on their intimate knowledge of the housing industry, they can easily determine if the home you are interested in will need repairs. On the other hand, if you fail to get a home inspection, you may face some of the most common and costly home repairs, including the following four re...
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4 Reasons it Pays to Hire a Professional Home Inspector
Purchasing a home is a huge responsibility that can be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life. It can also be an event that is the stuff that nightmares are made of -- if your home has hidden issues that involve a great deal of time and money to solve. A home inspection by a professional can often uncover any issues prior to the buyer signing a contract. Other reasons why a home inspection is a good idea include the following:
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3 Must-Have Home Inspections Before Purchasing a Home
Buying a home is an exciting time. The thrill of bidding on a home and winning is intoxicating. However, before you sign a contract, it’s important to make sure that the house you choose is the right house for you. You want it to be as close to perfect as possible so that you avoid making costly repairs. The best way to do that is to have these three must-have home inspections performed before you sign a contract.
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Inspections and Winter Home Preparations
Inspections are an important part of preparing a home for winter weather, or at the least, a way to prevent unseen damage after a winter storm from spreading and causing more problems. There are different problems winter weather can cause compared to summer storms as snow and freezing rain form on the house, or standing water freezes. In addition to normal water damage as it melts, a power outage, even temporary, can be potentially disastrous during the cold of weather.
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4 Home Inspection Myths

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4 Home Inspection Myths
There are a lot of myths surrounding home inspections. One reason myths are allowed to perpetuate is because home inspections aren’t the subject of daily conversations. However, before you purchase your home, you must take the time to become more informed about home inspections, and you can start by debunking some myths.
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3 DIY Projects That May Affect Your Home's Inspection
Before you place your home for sale, you want to make improvements so that you can maximize your sale price. To do so, you make improvements that will affect the value of your home, such as upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms. However, if you are like many homeowners, you may be tempted to cut costs by doing home improvement projects yourself. Unfortunately, there are some upgrades that aren’t DIY projects and may affect your home's inspection.
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