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Home inspections on homes built n the 1970's
Let’s go back a little bit and look at some issues that may arise when looking at homes built in the 1970’s. It may seem like a long time ago but by housing standards a lot of neighborhoods were constructed in this time frame so it is pretty realistic that you will be looking at a lot of homes built during this time period.
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Common Issues a home inspector will look at before you move into your new home.
Common Issues a home inspector will look at before you move into your new home. A home inspection is extremely important before you buy or move into a new home. You are not going to want to spend a lot of money on fixing problems you could have identified before closing
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Commercial Building Inspections

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Commercial Building Inspections
Commercial Buildings have many issues similar to residential homes and apartments, however there are several differences that may contribute to the overall health of it's tenants. Having a proper periodic inspection of your buildings systems can prevent many health issues down the road.
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Inspections Plus Guru named Thumbtack Top Professional!
Getting recognized by a top ranked online professional’s directory like Thumbtack is a really big deal. It really solidifies our reputation as a top quality Home and Commercial Business Inspection Company in the Mpls. St Paul area.
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Electrical Inspections for Homes or Businesses.
Electrical systems are an integral component of your home or business. Running lights appliances and in more modern homes internet and security systems. Hiring a professional home inspection company to check these systems before a buy or sell is critical.
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Get your Decks Inspected

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Get your Decks Inspected
Deck collapses create thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths each year in the US. These accidents can be easily avoided with periodic inspections by a professional Deck Inspection Company.
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Plumbing Inspections for Older Homes or Businesses
If you own or are purchasing and older home or commercial building consider hiring a professional Inspection Company
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What Household Threats Should You Consider When Buying a Home?
Buying a home can be a challenging endeavor. Beyond the financial investment, there is an overwhelming amount of information you must digest before you settle on a home. Most of the information is helpful. However, very little of the information pale in comparison when it comes to learning how to weed out bad houses.
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Sell Your Home Faster With a Home Inspection Report
When it comes to selling your home, most homeowners like to sell their homes quickly. The quicker they can sell it, the quicker they can move on to their new place and a new life. Many homeowners try different techniques to get their homes to sell faster, including staging. However, many skip one of the best ways to make their home sell faster, the home inspection report.
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4 Common Problems You Face When You Skip a Home Inspection
When you are purchasing a home, there is nothing quite as important as getting a home inspection performed. With a home inspection, you get the benefit of a proven, unbiased expert examining your home of choice. Based on their intimate knowledge of the housing industry, they can easily determine if the home you are interested in will need repairs. On the other hand, if you fail to get a home inspection, you may face some of the most common and costly home repairs, including the following four re...
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