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4 Reasons Why Even a New Home Needs an Inspection
Whether you are purchasing a new home that has already been built or you are having a custom home built per your own plans, you might be wondering if having it inspected is a waste of your time and money. The simple answer to this common question is a resounding "no." Even new homes can benefit from being inspected by a qualified and experienced home inspector. In fact, these homes lend themselves more readily to a home inspection, in part, because potential homeowners don't expect that there wi...
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Bringing Your House Up To Code

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Bringing Your House Up To Code
Much like building materials and techniques have changed over the years, plumbing systems have incorporated new technologies. Engineers have designed more efficient systems which incorporate the needs of current population numbers along with water supply problems and waste disposal considerations. Modern plumbing fixtures use less water at higher pressure for conservation and piping is made of cleaner materials designed to work with the new style with less maintenance issues.
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