About Us


Our family run business began in a Lumber yard, estimating project costs and learning products.  It progressed into home building.  Todd has built and remodeled  1,000+ homes with Tyler at his side.   Inspections Plus, Inc. has evolved from 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the construction field.  We have a 20 year proven record of excellent customer service and commitment to our clients.



Whether you're buying or selling your home, we will help you find the items that need repair or replacement. We also inspect the building for energy loss, mold, and moisture. We are certified to do Radon tests and advise the best way to mitigate unsafe Radon levels. 

Our team of experienced Inspectors are from the construction industry, which gives our customers an added value. We have all pounded the nails, poured the concrete, shingled the roof, installed the windows, and water proofed the foundation on thousands of homes.  
Our training and certification for Inspections is from Inter-NACHI. 

Our Pricing

Home Inspections

100-3,000 Square Feet:

3,001-4,000 Square Feet:

4,001-6,000 Square Feet:

Townhome Under 3000 Sq Ft

Condo Under 3000 Sq Ft






Specialty Inspections

Radon Inspection:

Mold Inspection:

Sewer Scope Inspection




* Mold/Radon Sewer Inspection Prices are Valid Only If Complete Inspection is Ordered. Prices for Inspections within 150 mile Radius of Minneapolis - St. Paul. .50 cents per mile over 150