Meet the Team

Todd Ganz


Todd started his family owned business ventures with a lumber yard where he estimated projects costs and learned about the various products. This evolved into building homes for many years as a successful builder, constructing and remodeling over 1000 homes. Todd has extensive knowledge in the collective home industry and now is applying that knowledge into his Inspections Plus business. Always concentrating on given accurate, thorough and quick information and results to his customers.

Tyler Ganz


Tyler has had the great opportunity to grow up alongside his father and the various opportunities that has provided Tyler to learn the many facets of the home builder industry. In addition Tyler has taken his talents to consult and develop other construction companies throughout the last 10 years with his large span of knowledge he continues to teach others how to grow in this industry. Tyler has also been a part of constructing over 500 homes and over 300 remodels and restorations. Tyler is passionate about delivering on consistent results through exceptional customer service.

Tony Bohme


I have always loved architecture and design. I spent many years involved in that end of the field and decided a couple years back to expend my career and get involved in the inspections part. I was doing inspections for banks and I felt like working for a person or family buying a home just suited me better. I like to problem solve and help people, what better way to do so than be involved in what may be the most important purchase of their life. I was lucky enough to meet Todd and Tyler. With my background and know how I had coming into home inspections and the unlimited supply of support and knowledge from them, that's how I ended up here. With their help I am now certified and in the field.

Our Pricing

Home Inspections

100-3,000 Square Feet:

3,001-4,000 Square Feet:

4,001-6,000 Square Feet:

Townhome Under 3000 Sq Ft

Condo Under 3000 Sq Ft






Specialty Inspections

Radon Inspection:

Mold Inspection:



* Mold/Radon Inspection Prices are Valid Only If Complete Inspection is Ordered. Prices for Inspections within 150 mile Radius of Minneapolis - St. Paul. .50 cents per mile over 150