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We work in cities throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and Blaine is no exception. Blaine is a large city in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, located in the north western part of the metropolitan area. Blaine was long a rural area, but with the development of Highway 65, I-35 West, and Highway 10 in the 1960s and 70s, the city experienced tremendous growth. The city is still growing, and it currently houses over 62,000 denizens.  

Blaine was originally a sandy, marshy part of the metro area. Over time, however, developers began modifying the natural landscape in order to make it friendlier to housing developments. Some of the first housing developments in the city include  Knoll Creek, Club West, Pleasure Creek and TPC Twin Cities. Modern neighborhoods include Sunrise Lake and Lake of Blaine, the latter of which is located on an old sod farm.

Soccer is big in Blaine, as the professional team Minnesota United plays its games there. They play in the National Sports Center, which attracts big-name tournaments and teams from around the world. There is no traditional downtown in Blaine, but there are several modern shopping nodes that provide goods and services to local denizens.

Inspections Plus is proud to provide home inspection services to Blaine and the surrounding communities. The city is a popular place to live in the Twin Cities, and we've worked in many homes in Blaine. In addition to home inspections, we offer radon testing, mold inspections, and much more. Call Inspections Plus today to learn how our home inspection services can help you.



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