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We work in cities throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and Eagan is no exception. Eagen is the second-largest largest suburb population-wise in the St Paul side of the Minneapolis-St Paul area. The city is now almost completely built out with little room to grow. Eagan currently has just over 66,000 residents.

The town was founded in 1860 and had 567 residents, most of whom were farmers. For a while, onions were a big crop, and for a while Eagan was known as the Onion Capital. This ended in the 1930s when competition from southern farmers overtook a larger market share.

There isn't much farming in Eagan today. There are several large employers in Eagan, including Thompson Reuters, with 7,700 employees; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, with 3,300 employees; the United States Postal Service employs another 2,000; Ecolab has 1,500 employees; and United Parcel Service employes another 1,400. Those are the five largest employers in the city, providing over 15,000 jobs just among those five. It's a good place to work, and a good place to live.

Inspections Plus is proud to provide home inspection services to Eagan and the surrounding communities. The city is a popular place to live in the Twin Cities, and we've worked in many homes in Eagan In addition to home inspections, we offer radon testing, mold inspections, and much more. Call Inspections Plus today to learn how our home inspection services can help you.

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