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We work in cities throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and Edina is no exception. Edina is a large city in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, located just southwest of Minneapolis. In fact, the two cities share a border for several miles.

Edina is one of the oldest true suburbs in the Twin Cities. Morningside was the first suburban development in the city, and it dates all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was an old streetcar suburb, which means that this area is fairly dense. It used to be serviced by the Como-Harriet streetcar, until the entire streetcar system was dismantled in the 1950s.

Edina also has a trendy downtown district centered on the intersection of 50th Street and France Avenue. There you’ll find high end clothing boutiques, nice restaurants, and a walkable area located near the Linden Hills area.

There are also many corporations headquarted in Edina, such as Dairy Queen (a summer favorite!), Regis Corporation, Jerry’s Foods, and more. In addition to the commercial amenities, Edina has many parks. As an affluent city, there are also two country clubs in the city’s borders, the Interlaken Country Club, and the Edina Country Club.

Inspections Plus is proud to provide home inspection services to Edina and the surrounding communities. The city is a popular place to live in the Twin Cities, and we've worked in many homes in Edina . In addition to home inspections, we offer radon testing, mold inspections, and much more. Call Inspections Plus today to learn how our home inspection services can help you.



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