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We work in cities throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and Golden Valley is no exception. Golden Valley is a fully built out  city in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, located just west of Minneapolis. Golden Valley is a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis with a population of around 21,000 currently, down from a peak of over 24,000 in 1970. Because there is very little vacant land in the city, it is unlikely the population will increase by much in upcoming years. much of the city’s northern border.

The largest company in Golden Valley is General Mills, which has its headquarters in the city and employs some 5,500 people. You might know General Mills from a childhood staple, Cheerios. Betty Crocker, Chex Mix, Old El Paso, and other household brands are part of the General Mills juggernaut.

Brookview Golf Course and Theodore Wirth Golf Course are two of the city’s three courses. The latter of these is part of the sprawling Theodore Wirth Park, which extends into northwestern Minneapolis. Highway 55 offers easy access to downtown Minneapolis, leading right into the hot North Loop neighborhood. North Loop is one of the hottest areas in the state and sees new gourmet restaurants, boutique shops, and tech companies moving in all the time. If you take Highway 55 west, you’ll end up going through Buffalo and almost all the way to Fergus Falls. Most people simply take I-94 west, however. Still, the ride is pretty and good if you don’t mind taking some extra time on the backroads. You’ll see some old farmsteads, new suburban developments, timeless general stores, and expansive views.

Inspections Plus is proud to provide home inspection services to Golden Valley and the surrounding communities. The city is a popular place to live in the Twin Cities, and we've worked in many homes in Golden Valley. In addition to home inspections, we offer radon testing, mold inspections, and much more. Call Inspections Plus today to learn how our home inspection services can help you.



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